Together for Better Days relies on private donations to operate. We are funded by a global community of people who see the news and want to help.

In 2015, over 500,000 refugees crossed the Aegean Sea to Greece. In Lesbos, we set up the Olive Grove Camp and for six months supported those in transit from the island to the mainland. As the borders closed and the political situation worsened, we focused our attention on helping those stuck in camps in Greece. So we co-founded Elpida, located in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece. Elpida was designed as a pilot project presenting a new camp model meeting the minimum humanitarian standards.

We are now in Lesvos expanding our efforts to provide legal and medical intervention for people living in Moria Camp. Our goal is to customise responses, dignifying the delivery of humanitarian aid, investing in integration, education and community support.

We are a small, growing non-profit organisation who rely on the faith and support of volunteers, activists and humanitarians to continue striving for better days in Greece.

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Elpida, where we are currently based, has a pretty settled population of residents so the need for clothes etc. is not so high as most already received what they needed when they arrived, however we’re always in need of donations listed on the list below. Please email, if you would like to coordinate an in-kind donation on the list below or anything else.

  • Playing cards
  • Board games
  • Sports activities
  • Toys
  • Headscarfes