7. October, 2016
By Tasha

“We’re often asked what “elpida” means to us. The word elpida means hope in the Greek language, but what does that word really mean to me, and to Better Days?”  

When we think of hope we think of the future: what can be accomplished, what the world can look like, what progress can be achieved. Hope is what keeps people trying to create these futures, even in the face of overwhelming obstacles. In the midst of the refugee crisis, Better Days seeks to revolutionize the systems of humanitarian and refugee care. The Elpida project is a first step in realizing our vision of a future where refugees are treated with dignity and respect, and have agency over their own lives. In this future individuals are empowered to create communities, continue learning and fulfill their aspirations. For this to be possible people cannot be worried about whether or not they have access to enough food or clean water. They cannot be worried that their children will not receive education, or that they will not be able to see a doctor if they get sick. This future depends on a system where no one is struggling to survive, and focus can be on bringing meaning and joy into this transitional time.  At Elpida residents have their basic needs met. This leaves room to respond to the more complex needs and desires of the residents, and together transform this camp into a temporary home. To us, this is the meaning of Elpida.


“Thats what the word elpida means to me, it means home. Home is where the heart is, home is where family is, home is where I feel loved.”
-Loren, Volunteer