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We are looking to invest in a committed Farsi interpreter and Cultural Mediator to join our team.


This position will be on a full time basis, which amounts to 40 hours per week from Monday – Friday. Your base will be with our team in Athens, however, we are looking for a candidate who is flexible and can handle a mix of remote and on-site work. As such, IT literacy is a basic requirement for this position, alongside advanced interpersonal abilities and de-escalation skills.


We are looking for someone who can speak and write in English and Farsi/Dari fluently – with Greek or other language(s) skills considered an asset. You will apply your interpretation and translation skills to a broad range of topics; focused on, but not limited to, legal, health and medical, and protection concerns. You will also support us to escort beneficiaries to/from appointments, on outreach and street work exercises, to train other interpreters, and in any other essential tasks.


You must be comfortable working across different settings as your tasks will span diverse locations, from office-based functions to outreach work, remote home working and active street work support. We expect you to have the capacity to take initiative when faced with challenging circumstances, and to remain calm and professional when tough decisions must be made regarding situations with children who are anxious, upset and/or disruptive, with immediate medical concerns, or when witness to distressing scenes involving exploitation of minors etc.


We look forward to receiving your CV and motivation letter and, if your experience matches with the job expectations, you’ll be contacted to arrange an interview with our Project Coordinator. If successful, you will sign all relevant BetterDays policies and agree to uphold our highest standards of professionalism, confidentiality and care. You will then enter into a three-month probation period as part of our team on a full-time basis. A discussion will also be held regarding remuneration for this vital position according to your relevant qualifications, personal skills and experience. Previous experience volunteering and/or working within the humanitarian sector will be looked upon very positively.


We are looking for someone for whom the well-being of children is at the forefront of their mind and who has a fierce determination to bring humanity and compassion to the delivery of humanitarian aid. You will understand you must always act as a positive role model for the young people we serve, and always act with professionalism and care. You are versatile, with a range of skills, unafraid to face new tasks with positivity and patience. You are comfortable working as part of a diverse, international team, with humility and respect for all those you work with and serve.

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