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Supporting the needs of

displaced children

Better Days supports the needs of displaced children through various projects ranging from education, the arts, sport to legal support and creating community spaces. 

Better Days is able to provide its programming through  a special combination of staff, volunteers, and community members.

Gekko Kids

A school for unaccompanied and separated children in the heart of Mytilene. Gekko creates a positive, creative space to cater to students’ individual needs and passions.

Emergency Response

The conditions in the Moria Hotspot are some of the worst in the world for refugee camps. We’re always ready to respond to respond to emergencies and urgent needs of unaccompanied children.

Socrates F.C.

Socrates is a sports development program for minors that uses football as a form of social education, teaching both technical and life skills.


Legal and asylum case outreach, identification, and support for unaccompanied minors living in Moria camp.


A dedicated community garden, green space, and education platform for permaculture and horticulture.

How We Work

Social Emotional Learning

Learning is more than academics. Better Days applies SEL methodologies to help our students to grow socially and emotionally.

Trauma Informed Teaching

Migration and dislocation can be traumatic experiences. Better Days ensures students feel safe first, so they are free to learn.

Individual Education Plan

Some students need more specialized support. Better Days has dedicated IEPs for its more at risk students to chart their progress and achieve their goals.

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