Legal Intervention Program for unaccompanied minors on Lesvos


During the second half of 2019, the number of refugees arriving on the shores of Lesvos increased at such a rate that the population of Moria camp reached over 20,000 people. After several weeks of field and needs assessment, Better Days identified a major gap in legal aid in family reunification applications of unaccompanied minors. Themida saw the light of day in December 2019, after the two non-profits, Better Days Greece and Defence for Children International Greece came together driven by the same passion of reunifying unaccompanied minors with their love ones.

What is THEMIDA?

Themida is Better Days legal intervention program supporting family reunification cases of unaccompanied asylum seeking children living residing in Moria refugee camp and the surrounding informal settelments. Family reunification is a complexe procedure falling under the Dublin III Regulation; it aims to reunified members of a same family and make sure that their asylum request is processed in the same host country.

Our Work


Themida is a legal program specialized in family reunification for Unaccompanied minors. Together with Defence for Children International we have supported over 75 children’s cases in order for them to be reunited with their loved ones.


Identification of cases

Identification of unaccompanied children eligible for family reunification and prioritization of highly vulnerable cases.

Interview with lawyers

Coordination of legal missions from two greek lawyers to organize the first legal and informative interviews of each cases.

Case management

Gathering of kinship evidences, couched legal documents advocating for the best interest of the minor.


Daily informative communication with family members and program’s beneficiaries.

Additional evidences

Completion of DNA tests, age assessments and legal translation of civil documents.


Male Gender Cases

Cases Managed



Destination Countries

Youngest Child

*Data provided is relating to Themida I and II from 16/09/2019 to 31/04/2020


Step 0

The UASC is still unregistered as a family reunification case

Step 1

The child submitted his family reunification claim

Step 2

The file containing documentation and supportive legal documents was sent to the Greek Dublin Office

Step 3

The file was sent to the destination country that needs to issue a decision

Step 4

We received a temporary rejection requiring additional proofs or a DNA Test

Step 5

The final decision was received. If the decision is positive the greek authorities must issue a plane ticket


“As it is clear for everyone, security is the most important challenge in Moria. I have a good feeling from what happened last week (transferring of unaccompanied minors to Luxembourg and Germany) and hopefully, this procedure should continue, but on the other side, there are unaccompanied minors that going to be over age in the next 2-3 months and they are very disappointed about their case and their future if they will be transferred or no. 

Special thanks for Better Days.”

Hassan | 16 yo


“Life in Moria is very difficult. We have to be in line for at least an hour to go to the toilets and bath, eventually, a fight breaks out.  It is very hard for a minor to live like this. Kindly, I ask the European countries to respond to my family reunification case as soon as possible, so I can be saved from this miserable life, with my request to Sweden where my brother is. I requested that they transfer me to my brother sooner.

Thanks a lot to Better Days and Mrs. Elena and Mrs. Romane for their hard work for us. I hope to receive good news from you soon”

HUSSEIN | 17 yo



Themida would not be possible without the help of our partners for their contributions and collaboration.