“In the business of reclaiming humanity”

Better Days is a Swiss-Greek non-profit grassroots organization formed in November 2015 by a small group of international professionals who saw hundreds of boats arriving on the shores of Lesvos, and thousands of people denied their fundamental rights, without access to basic needs. We are united by a fierce determination to bring humanity and compassion into the delivery of humanitarian aid. 

Better Days creates projects that address the ever-changing circumstances and needs of refugees and asylum seekers. Some of our most successful projects include four past projects: The Olive Grove, Medical & Legal Intervention, Elpida Refugee Centre & TAPUAT Child & Family Hub.

Currently, we operate Gekko Kids, Socrates, Gekko X, EcoHub projects & Emergency Response. We look for areas of intervention where our organizational strengths can contribute: creativity, innovation, humanity and collaboration. Whether we are doing emergency response or providing informal education, we continue to emphasize the importance of ‘space’, participatory practices and individual flourishing.

TEDx Binghamton University

Andrew Foley

Executive Director | Better Days

‘The Capital T Truth of Education’
TEDx March 2019

The environment we are exposed to has the power to define how we live our lives by influencing the issues we are forced to deal with. By altering our environment we remove its power to control us. The antidote to the realities of Moria is creating a positive environment, a safe place, somewhere we can laugh with friends and explore new possibilities. Education, broadly conceived, can create this environment. It can deliver people from horrific places and put them – even just temporarily – in a place of normalcy, where the present does not contain horrors, and the future is more than ‘just getting through the day.

The power of education to transform, uplift, and inspire has been reduced to cliche. We’ve all heard that it is education that delivers people from poverty. It is education that can empower communities. But cliches are powerful truths. And every day – as our students come to our school – I am reminded that education first, is not what, but where.

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