About Volunteering with Better Days

Thank you for your interest in joining the Better Days family. We were built by the power of collective action, and our volunteers have been instrumental in making Better Days what we are today. By volunteering with us, your energy, time, and passion will make a meaningful difference in the lives of the people we work with.

We are always eager to welcome more dedicated and passionate individuals to the team. Please note, due to the high number of applications we receive, we may have the capacity to respond only to applicants who meet our basic requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should I apply?
To allow ample time for planning on your side and ours, we prefer that volunteers submit application materials at least three months before their period of availability. Exceptions may be made when circumstances allow.
Can I collect in-kind or financial donations before my volunteer period?
We always recommend coordinating closely with our Communications team before starting to fundraise or collect donations on behalf of Better Days. Logistically, raising funds is often more helpful to us than physical donations. Access to additional funds allows us to procure items (books, stationery, PPE) or services (food, transportation) that are of immediate importance to our participants and projects while contributing to the local economy. If you wish to raise in-kind donations, such as clothing or hygiene items, you may be referred to a partner organisation that is better able to receive, store, and distribute physical donations.
How safe is working with displaced people in Greece?

Our experience in Greece since we were founded in 2016 has been overwhelmingly positive. That said, tensions can rise quickly, and we cannot guarantee that everyone you meet will be welcoming. Isolated incidents of physical violence, police intimidation, and criminalisation of asylum seekers, volunteers, and humanitarians have been documented in Greece by local and international human rights monitoring agencies such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.
Volunteers must always be aware of their surroundings, behaviour, and how they communicate with others. Volunteers must comply with the Better Days Code of Conduct during the full extent of their stay and are required to sign a Liability Waiver acknowledging the inherent risks of participating in our projects.
Please familiarise yourself with the current situation in Greece through official travel advisories, Embassy/Consulate communications, and legitimate news sources before finalising travel plans.

Is there a fee for volunteering with Better Days?

No. We place great value on the commitment of your time, skills, and passion.



Former Gekko volunteer and Art teacher
“Working in Moria was a bittersweet experience. I noticed and appreciated the small interventions we made daily to facilitate their escape for a few hours, even if simply in an emotional sense, encouraging them to embrace their youth in a childlike state! When we were all still at Gekko, for example, the normalcy of getting on the bus every day to collect the children from the camp and transfer them to the school was brilliant - how they would run to us and be so upbeat and happy will stick with me forever! “


Former Gekko volunteer and Nutrition Teacher
“My fondest memory was playing silly classroom games and seeing the children come out of their shells and feel more comfortable. It was special to get to know each child individually and witness how eager they were to learn and build up their life. I'm still inspired and encouraged by these children!”


Better Days former volunteer
“BD was the first time I was functionally involved in the implementation of a concept that I had a foggy idea of coming into it but hadn’t actually seen it in practice: the idea that the core of real, powerful protection and care are structured, intent-full frameworks; that eagerness and enthusiasm are useful tools but ultimately useless and even potentially harmful if not applied within meticulously evaluated systems, ones that are designed for specific purposes. This was a very valuable lesson that I have carried with me and I am very grateful for.”