In order to meet statutory and legislative requirements and remain accountable to the public, our participants, partners, donors, and government agencies, this section contains links to the following:

    • Statutory Documentation
    • Strategic Plan 2020 – 2023
    • Annual Reports of activities
    • Financial Audits by 3rd-parties
    • Better Days’ Child Safeguarding Policy
Constitution Document

Better Days Greece was registered in 2016 as a Greek non-profit civil company (AMKE) in response to the influx of refugees arriving in Lesvos, Greece. Within 6 months of its inception, Better Days managed to provide essential aid, such as clothing and food, to approximately 70,000 people. 

Better Days was founded by Elena Moustaka & Anrika Velychko. To this day it is run by a diverse team of professionals from across the world. Our team is united by a fierce determination to engineer sustainable solutions to humanitarian problems and create positive spaces. Whether coordinating an emergency response or providing education, we continue to emphasize the importance of individual assessment, sustainable development, and collective impact.

Today, the organization is guided by an Advisory Board of Directors and a Regional Office:

Elena Moustaka, Co-Founder & Managing Director – – +30 698 989 9113

Maro Galanou, Financial Advisor –

Andrew Foley, Executive Director – – +30 694 424 5629

Dan Teuma, Emergency Response & Programming Director (Regional Office) –

Constitution Document – Greek (2016-01)

7th Amendment (2021-03)

6th Amendment (2020-08)

5th Amendment (2020-04)

4th Amendment (2020-01)

3rd Amendment (2019-03)

2nd Amendment (2017-10)

1st Amendment (2016-05)

Constitution Document – English (2016-01)

7th Amendment (2021-03)

4th Amendment (2020-01)

2nd Amendment (2017-10)

1st Amendment (2016-05)

Strategic Plan 2020 - 2023

It is our responsibility to deliver a fairer society that offers young generations prospects for growth, hope, and safety; recognizes localized expertise, and invests in collective but locally-led action within territories affected by migration, conflict, climate-specific disasters, economic and other crises.

Strategic Plan 2020 – 2023 (English)

Annual Report

Our story begins in November 2015, outside Moria camp, on the adjacent olive groves inhabited by thousands of people in need of basic aid such as shelter, clothing, and food. We have designed and implemented high-quality educational, medical, and legal support programs such as Gekko Kids, EcoHub, TAPUAT, and Themida Greece. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a significant proportion of our resources have been dedicated to the support of the Greek and asylum-seeking communities of Lesvos, civil society, and to the strengthening of public and private healthcare systems. Over the past 6 years, Better Days has supported hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers, other actors, and projects in mainland Greece, Lesvos, Serbia, Syria, and Lebanon. We have distributed millions of euros worth of aid and coordinated over 3000 volunteers. Reviewing our impact is a multifaceted approach built on the testimonies of, and feedback provided by, all stakeholders and communities affected by our work. Our organizational assessments are done with a great sense of responsibility and humility. Better Days’ work has been recognized around the world and several of our blueprint programs have received awards for their contribution to humanitarianism and sustainable aid.

Annual Report 2021 | Greek

Annual Report 2021 | English

Annual Report 2020 | Greek

Annual Report 2020 | English

Annual Report 2019 | Greek

Annual Report 2019 | English

Financial Statements & Auditor's Report

Our spending reports are indicative of the level of agility and resourcefulness required to preserve humanitarian aid programs that have a longer-term positive impact on the lives of the people we work with and are flexible to emerging needs and priorities. Audited by PKF, our internal accounts processes have been found to meet industry standards and are compliant with governmental financial laws. Our organizational investment in human resources and dignified spaces has guaranteed our ability to provide quality services. Better Days relies on its team of experienced and competent staff who understand the local context to promote innovative and sustainable solutions to humanitarian problems and work closely with local initiatives.

Financial Statement 2019 – Greek

Financial Statement 2019 – English

Financial Statement 2020 – Greek

Financial Statement 2020 – English

Child Safeguarding Policy

As a humanitarian actor focusing on the needs of children, specifically unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, we focus on the identification of best safeguarding practices.  Prior to any action we take, providing a safe and inclusive environment is our priority; in fact, the creation of physical and emotional spaces is foundational to our work. We strive to train our staff, volunteers, and partners so they are adequately prepared to work with children in a way that secures their wellbeing and places decision-making power into their hands. Better Days pedagogy is founded on the principle that each child requires a tailored and individualized approach to overcome hardship and meet their full potential.

Child Safeguarding Policy

Quality Management System

Aiming to provide quality services to our program participants and increase our operations’ effectiveness, Better Days established a Quality Management System that conforms to the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

Our Quality Policy stipulates the organization’s commitment to supporting unaccompanied minors and providing access to essential services while meeting and exceeding participants’ needs and expectations.

ISO9001:2015 certification

Quality Policy