Protection for All

As professionals working with vulnerable people,  we have the responsibility and duty to keep our participants safe. Protection knowledge is central to everything we do. Better Days is committed to building robust systems for preventing and responding to protection issues while working with displaced children and young people. Better Days has set clear guidelines for promoting a safe working environment and a culture of protection and safeguarding for all.

  • Provide an inclusive and dignified environment for all people participating in our work.
  • Invest in prevention through program design.
  • Build a robust safeguarding system.
  • Provide protection training for everyone we work with.
  • Create functional referral pathways to guarantee access to professional care and advice.
  • Set quality objectives and strive to exceed minimum standards.
  • Monitor risks and build thorough contingency plans.
  • Engage in thorough vetting and background checks for all staff and volunteers.
  • Offer access to supervision and psycho-social support for all team members.
  • Ensure rest and recovery from burnout for all staff to promote an environment of resilience and self-care. 
  • Implement regular internal and external audits.
  • Survey our participants regularly.

Our staff is a valuable asset. We invest in them so that they can flourish as human beings and sharpen their professional skills. In order to do so, their mental, emotional, and physical health must be cared for. We believe that our human-centred culture improves productivity, loyalty, and performance, increasing employee retention. To ensure our team feels cared for and respected, we make sure that their needs are heard through regular debriefs and provide access to professional support, extensive training on self-care and stress management, and extended leave to recover from burnout.

Despite our best efforts, protection incidents may occur in the workplace. To make sure that our team feels safe to report wrongdoing and that we have the expertise and resources to respond, we have invested in building a robust safeguarding system through our Child Safeguarding Policy, Workplace Grievance Policy, and Covid-19 protocol.

Kourosh, 17 years

Gekko alumnus, current university student
I am really grateful to have met the people from Better Days. Since I have arrived on Lesvos, they have helped me in every single possible way. Last month they were able to give me a room in the city for living and studying and they were able to sign me up for many extracurricular classes and private lessons which helped me excel in the Panhellenic exams. Words cannot explain how much indebted I feel to this organization and I hope that one day I can return the favor.

Joy, 25 years

Bengali Interpreter, CSP Participant
It makes me so happy to be able to continue to support my community through Better Days. In difficult times it is really important to have something and someone that makes you feel important and useful. Together we can support more people in need.

Sekou, 20 years

Gekko alumnus, CSP participant
I am so happy, this is what I wanted. I am sincerely thankful for you guys, my life is changing. Thank you so much. Now I have a free mind.

Protection Projects

From 2017-2022 we have worked with unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC), one of the world’s most vulnerable populations.  Consequently, some of our longest-lasting programs, Themida Greece and Gekko Kids, were focused on child protection.

  • Visit our chronology to find out how Themida Greece offered holistic child protection response to over 300 ‘missing’ or homeless UASC in need of critical assistance from 2019-2022.
  • Visit Education to learn how Gekko Kids provided psycho-social support and quality education for 1600 refugee children and young adults living on Lesvos from 2017-2022.

Child protection refers to action taken to identify and assist children at risk, especially those living without family care, who are affected by homelessness, or who remain invisible to the eyes of national protection services. There is considerable evidence that refugee children are at significant risk of developing unhealthy psychological patterns as a result of their living conditions and experiences. Many, if not all, UASC who join our projects have endured at least one prolonged and repeated traumatic experience in their country of origin, during their journey, and/or during their stay in Greece. Often confronted with extreme situations and subject to several stressors, children can face severe mental health difficulties.

Another long-standing protection-focused Better Days project is the Community Support Program (CSP). CSP was first launched in 2015 in the olive groves of Moria to assist families in accessing basic necessities while waiting to be registered. As of 2017, the program focused on offering temporary accommodation and living assistance to vulnerable families and individuals as they awaited asylum decisions. Post-Covid, the program was incorporated under the umbrella of Gekko and is now focused on offering financial assistance to young adults attending public education in Greece.

Interested in supporting CSP? Read about CSP’s life-changing impact on the lives of our participants above.