Let us work TOGETHER to restore refugees’ right to quality education and show refugee youth WE CARE.



Redefining environments for displaced children

Better Days is a humanitarian NGO dedicated to creating and sustaining innovative physical, mental, and emotional spaces for displaced people, currently based in Lesvos, Greece. Whether we are doing emergency response or providing informal education, we continue to emphasize the importance of ‘space’, participatory practices and individual flourishing.

Emergency Support

ER | Identification of unaccompanied minors and distribution of aid packs


Gekko Kids | Holistic education with the focus on individual student growth

Legal Aid

Themida | Supporting unaccompanied and separated children with family reunification

Sports & Development

Socrates | Football with a dedicated socio-emotional learning focus


Eco Hub Ecotherapy, environmental education and responsible practices

Working with People Across the Globe

Better Days relies on a combination of staff and volunteers to create opportunities to learn and grow for all involved. Underlying everything we do is the simple belief that everyone, everywhere, deserves humanity.

Leader in Education

Better Days challenges existing notions of refugee schooling. We use non-traditional and alternative teaching and learning methodologies to address the systematic gap of quality education in emergencies for children on the move. To date, we have supported over 2000 children with their education. Our pedagogical philosophy drives us to create an environment of safety and growth, through offering personalized curriculums, providing healing enviroments, and contributuing to the socio-emotional development of our students.


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Cases Managed



Destination Countries

Youngest Child


Unaccompanied children

Subjects taught

Different nationalities

Counseling sessions scheduled

Volunteer participants

*Data provided is relating to Gekko Kids from 16/09/2019 to 21/02/2020

TEDx Binghamton University

The environment we are exposed to has the power to define how we live our lives by influencing the issues we are forced to deal with. By altering our environment we remove its power to control us. The antidote to the realities of Moria is creating a positive environment, a safe place, somewhere we can laugh with friends and explore new possibilities. Education, broadly conceived, can create this environment. It can deliver people from horrific places and put them – even just temporarily – in a place of normalcy, where the present does not contain horrors, and the future is more than ‘just getting through the day.

The power of education to transform, uplift, and inspire has been reduced to cliche. We’ve all heard that it is education that delivers people from poverty. It is education that can empower communities. But cliches are powerful truths. And every day – as our students come to our school – I am reminded that education first, is not what, but where.

Better Days | TEDx

Featured Donors

We salute our biggest supporters over the years for the dedication and belief they have shown in our work and for encouraging us to continue to grow and allowing us to continue quality programming and aid. Our deepest gratitude – we would not have made it without you.

In Their Own Words

“Education is our future…But also, the place you live in is more important. For example, how to live without food, health, clothing in Moria Camp? When you have problems like this you can’t use your minds. I live in Kara Tepe camp and I stress about my interview. But I like to learn and study. Thanks a lot for building this school and we are now here.

Farzaneh | 16 yo


If you feel like you are losing everything, remember that trees lose their leaves every year and they still stand tall and wait for Better Days to come.

MAHDI | 17 yo


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