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Every and any contribution to our work makes a difference in the lives of these children. With a contribution of just €0.80, you can help us provide safe transport for a student from the camp to our school for one day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my donation be used for?

Once you select a support category, your donation is placed into a funding pool related to that category and cover expenses related to that category. Funding pools without any activity in 3 months will have their balances transferred to our general reserve to support the organization as a whole.

How else can I support?

There are many ways to support our work, and our students, including sharing our work on social media and to speading awareness by talking about the situation on Lesvos to friends, family, and colleagues. What ultimately matters is not how we offer our support, but that we do it at all. If you’d like more information on Better Days or to talk about fundraising support please contact us at

How much is spent of administration?

In 2018, approximately 19% of our annual budget was spent on admin costs, and in 2019 this decreased to 13%. We expect this proportion to further decrease in 2020.

Will I receive reports on what my donation was spent on?

Better Days will release reporting on the donations and spend in the dedicated funding categories above as part of its annual financial reporting process, and make this reporting available on our website. You can also check out the projects page to see our latest reports or follow us on Facebook for all the latest updates.

How do the monthly sponsorship plans work?

1. Agree to be a sponsor
2. Chose your payment method after you click on the link
3. Receive regular news and updates on your supported area

How do I make larger donations?

Please contact us at for more information about larger donations or if you’d like to begin a project, or significantly support an existing one.