Holiday Skills-Giving 2023

This giving season, Better Days is asking you to give us a clue! We’re confident in our expertise when it comes to protecting the well-being of displaced children and youth. But we could use some support to improve our organisational effectiveness and expand our platform to raise awareness of our cause. That’s where you come in…

Are you a professional in one of the following fields, or do you know someone who is? We’re asking you to volunteer your time and skills to support our work in creating Better Days for displaced children and youth. 

  • Advocacy
    • Journalists
    • Podcasters
    • Bloggers
    • Public Relations experts
  • Fundraising 
    • Members of foundation boards
    • Philanthropists
    • Peer-to-peer fundraising experts
  • Social Media 
    • Nonprofit marketing experts
    • Influencers
  • Law
    • GDPR experts
  • Constituent Relations Management (CRM)
    • Salesforce experts
  • Video Production and Graphic Design 
    • Graphic designers 
    • Video content creators, documentarians
  • Website
    • Web developers
    • SEO experts

How does it work?

We are seeking professionals with experience in the key fields and a strong passion for our cause. If you want to volunteer, or if you know someone who does, thank you! Email us at, with ‘Giving CluesDay’ in the subject line, to tell us about yourself and how you’d like to help. We’ll be in touch to match your skills and availability with our needs, and our work together will begin in the first weeks of 2024. 

What is Skills-Giving?

The strength of Better Days has always been in the volunteers from all over the world who have united to provide support for people displaced by war, conflict, and/or severe hardship. We are always grateful for the financial donations that make Better Days possible. But we believe there should be other ways to contribute to our work! 

Skills-giving is an initiative that helps our team learn and connect with professionals who believe in our mission. It’s a joint learning opportunity for professionals to expand their experience and gain first-hand knowledge working with a grassroots humanitarian organisation. Let’s work together to create life-changing opportunities for individuals, harnessing the power of collective potential to build more resilient societies.