Public Statement: future-proof solutions for people displaced from Ukraine

With temporary protection set to expire on 4 March 2025, EU leadership is urgently needed to ensure millions of people displaced from Ukraine have continued access to rights and inclusion in Europe. Better Days joins 131 civil society organisations in calling on the EU to propose timely, coordinated, collective and future-proof options for the transition […]

Joint Letter: call to reject harmful EU Migration Pact

Better Days joins 81 civil society organisations in calling on Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to reject the proposed New Pact on Migration and Asylum in the upcoming vote by the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE). The Pact creates a system whereby the right to seek asylum in the EU […]

Joint Letter: call for upholding human rights in Samos CCAC

Better Days joins 20 civil society organisations in calling for the closure of the Samos Closed Controlled Access Centre (CCAC) due to the consistently inhumane conditions and degrading treatment experienced by people seeking asylum. In the meantime, given the urgent need for improved conditions in the CCAC, we call on the Greek authorities and the […]

Joint Letter: access to food and medical care in Lesvos CCAC

Better Days joins 15 civil society organisations in calling on Greek authorities to ensure that people in need of international protection residing at the Lesvos Closed Controlled Access Centre (CCAC) have access to basic necessities, like food, medical care, and mental health and psychosocial support. Everyone, no matter their legal status, has the right to […]

Joint Letter: lack of data on mainland reception facilities

Better Days joins 34 civil society organisations in calling for the Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum to address the lack of adequate, publicly available statistics in relation to the population residing in the accommodation structures of the mainland reception system, as well as essential information about the operations of the facilities including accessibility to […]

Public Statement: Demand for Humane Reception Conditions

Reception of asylum seekers in Greece: the demand for humane conditions remains  Athens, 9th of November 2023: The undersigned organizations are sounding the alarm on the ongoing malfunctioning of the country’s reception system that deprives asylum seekers and refugees of access to rights and services, in violation of EU and national legislation. On the islands, […]

Appeal: Child Victims of War

Even war has rules. Almost half of the dead are children: over 2,000 have already been killed and thousands more children will live with disabilities and mental health issues due to war-inflicted trauma. The blatant disregard for civilians’ right to life and protection cannot be accepted. Child Rights Advocacy Network (CRAN) and the co-signatory Civil […]

Public Statement: Three Years After Moria Burned Down the Promise “No More Morias” Remains an Empty One

man looks over Moria, destroyed by fire

After Europe’s biggest and most notorious refugee camp burned down in September 2020, promises were made never to let Moria happen again. Authorities guaranteed that state-of-the-art facilities in line with fundamental rights and European standards would be created – improving safety and security, protection for vulnerable people, access to healthcare and fast and effective asylum […]